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We provide Forex & Stock Traders with the funds they require to flourish. Funded Trader, is a world renowned and industry-leading Proprietary trading firm that equips funded traders with funded accounts, enabling them to unleash and achieve their full potential. Our innovative evaluation programmes, provides traders with the flexibility to utilise their successful trading strategies, with limited restrictions.

Have You Got the SKILLS to Pay the BILLS?

In order to pass the funded trader programme, you must demonstrate the qualities highlighted and if you successfully pass the Evaluation Phase, you’ll unlock a Funded Trader Account.
Our team will monitor your trades for up to 6 months, via one of our select brokers AND you also have the flexibility to get evaluated via your existing account. We offer the industry’s first funded trader programme, which provides unrestricted access to your funds throughout the evaluation process.

The 3 Simple Steps to Get Funded

Get evaluated with a LIVE trading account
Secure a Fully Funded account

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