Why do Funded Trader charge a fee for the Evaluation Phase?

In all honesty, we are looking for Traders who can put their money where their mouth is. Additionally because Traders are given LIVE funds in the Evaluation Phase we like to ensure that they are [...]

What do I get in exchange for the Evaluation Fee?

A LIVE Funded account and a generous 40%-50% split on profits monthly (including in the Evaluation Phase) Upon completion of the Evaluation Phase. We will DOUBLE your Trading account every time [...]

Why do Funded Trader require a minimum positions and days to be traded?

The evaluation period is designed to gain accurate insight into a Traders overall ability. As a result we like to observe how consistent a Trader is over a reasonable time period.

What if I hit the Evaluation Phase profit target in a shorter time period or Trades required?

First of all CONGRATULATIONS!! We will still need to see you hit the time period and trade amounts required however the benefit is that you will have more profits in the bank once these criteria [...]

How do I request Profit withdrawals from Funded Trader?

We take all this weight off your shoulders and automatically calculate and pay-out profits to all our Traders once a month. This is usually at the start of each month.

Can I hold positions overnight?

For FX accounts you can but not for the Stock accounts

What type of execution method do Funded Trader use?

All of our trading activity is executed through our brokers via STP market execution. The ECN brokers fees are forwarded to our platform with institutional raw spread rates at Zero markups, plus [...]

Can I use my own indicators or Signal expert advisors?

Absolutely. Your success is our success and if you have found these methods to be successful, then by all means go ahead.

What Trading platform does Funded Trader use?

Funded Trader uses the Metatrader 4 platform, which is the most common choice for Traders and Brokers worldwide. We want to give our Traders the most Professional Trading environment and this is it ?

Which platform do Funded Traders use for the Stock Funded accounts?

Sterling Trader

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