Fully Funded Accounts

The Fully Funded option allows FX traders who are extremely confident in their trading abilities to secure a larger amount of funding with no evaluation.

No Evaluation, No Problem!!




If the answer to these three questions is YES then this option is perfect for you. The Fully Funded Account Option is designed for FX traders who have institutional or retail trading experience managing a SIX figure account and allows you to secure up to a SIX figure account with no evaluation.Traders should be aware, that this option will still require you to abide by certain risk management guidelines and pay a larger initial deposit, which will vary depending on the amount of funding you wish to secure.

Each trader who hopes to secure this type of funding will be reviewed on a case by case basis and will be subject to our recruitment process, which includes:

  • Providing a verifiable track record of 12 months or more

  • Providing a detailed synopsis of their trading strategies

  • An interview with a senior trader (In-house or over the phone)

Upon successful completion of the recruitment cycle and payment of the deposit required, the trader will secure a contract to manage the Fully Funded Account.

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